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In the Department of nuclear science and technology limited company is measured by the Chinese Academy of Sciences Hefei Innovation Institute Co. Ltd., Zhuhai Rui Hui Li development limited and natural joint investment established in 10 million specializing in radionuclide online monitoring of High Tech Co. Ltd. mainly relying on the Anhui Optical Precision Machinery Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Hefei Chinese Nuclear Safety Technology Research Institute and the University of Science & Technology China radionuclide. Online monitoring equipment currently has the countrys first total aerosol on water quality automatic on-line monitoring instrument and the atmosphere, with completely independent intellectual property rights

The present level of technology for China leading international advanced company. Scientific research is by academician Liu Wenqing as the core R & D team, with Dr. Berson 6 graduate students, 2 graduate tutors, college degree or above 8. At present in the research project for the measurement of radionuclide spectroscopy factor, this technology will soon break through the nuclear warning system to me the establishment of the state to play a positive role

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