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Multicomponent gas analyzer with Fourier infrared spectroscopy

Open path Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy system is available for real-time quantitative analysis of hundreds of compounds and achieves extremely economical multi gas monitoring. Using Open path FTIR to monitor less than 2 gases, the operation cost of initial and mid stage is lower than that of other detection technologies. Meanwhile, reliable and consistent monitoring is needed, as well as the highest safety and health concerns for communities.
Open circuit, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy and multi-component gas analyzer have been used in the actual projects in recent years, using the feedback recommendations from the manufacturers of petroleum and chemical industry, government and engineering consultants to integrate into the characteristics of the instrument. The final user interface, real-time analysis procedures and upstream / downstream data integration capabilities can reduce operation cost by simple integration and operation without complicated data interpretation.
Multi component gas analyzer conforming to laws and regulations
385 compounds, 100+ us EPA harmful pollutants
Simple configuration and fixed installation
Simultaneous monitoring of H2O, CO, greenhouse gas and multiple VOCs gases by measuring components
The measurement accuracy of less than 5.0%F.S
The measurements of the lower part of the gas are ppm, and some of the gas can reach the order of ppb.
Measurement of light path from 30 to 300m
The measuring method is running automatically, the result is automatically displayed and stored.
Time resolution 1 ~ 7min optional
Band range from -11000 to 5000cm
Infrared light source 24W carbon and silicon rods
24 bit A/D high precision data acquisition card for digital acquisition card
Type of Cassegrain telescope

Software and hardware are designed to simplify integration, operation, and maintenance. For many years, information feedback from operators of Open path FTIR has been used for many years in industrial, scientific and environmental monitoring. Open path FTIR provides simple operation and flexibly meets the monitoring needs of complex and specific applications.
The integrated computer uses the Windows satellite operating system - internal calibration: no frequent calibration
Integration of WiFi and Ethernet - user configurable, multilevel alarm
Automatic data reporting - user configurable collection cycle
The external Wan, LAN, and USB Ports - user configurable automatic background acquisition
TXT data file output: easy access to remote access
Multi gas synchronous monitoring function: ppb level minimum detection limit (specific gas)

control software
The analyzer uses continuous monitoring software. The software provides the functions of user interface, data logging, multi component gas detection and quantitative and other functions. The target gas concentration and alarm parameters are reported to the user and the data collection cycle can be configured. The computer runs a common window software, which is as skilled as an operator using a computer or a smart phone.

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