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A laser on-line detector for natural gas leakage

Natural gas leak detector laser on-line analysis system of gas leakage is a non-contact online automatic detection, real-time online detection of natural gas leakage and automatic alarm function, the whole system adopts industrial control computer intelligent control, using tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy technology and open path configuration, near infrared radiation of toxic "the leakage of poisonous gas in the gas fingerprint absorption spectrum measurement and analysis of multi-component gas qualitative and quantitative on-line automatic monitoring.

Use: gas leakage monitoring in petrochemical plant area;
Gas leakage monitoring in industrial safety production.
Features: non contact measurement of open optical path;
Without sampling and sample gas pretreatment;
Multi - point distributed and multi - component online detection;
It can run in real time, continuous and long-term.
Wide range detection and monitoring.
Technical indicators:
Measurement components: CH4, H2S;
Multi component measurement: more than one gas can be measured at the same time;
Measurement range: 0 to 500ppm;
Detection distance: up to 2km;
Time resolution: less than 1 second

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